About us

It is the year 1985, Back to the Future with Marty McFly is the hottest box office movie ticket. Paul and Sheri Kaplan were both public educators in Los Angeles California. Passing through the challenging 80's savings and loans recession, Paul and Sheri came to the conclusion that creating a new healthy lifestyle for their family coupled with a vision of providing core home values, would drive their desire for change and relocation. The Kaplan's sold their home, packed all their belongings and, for two weeks, traveled 3,000 miles discovering the United States to reach their final destination Washington D.C. Excited to begin Paul’s new teaching position as a Physical education Teacher, with disbelief Paul was told that a hiring freeze in education was now in effect and that the teaching position offered to him was no longer available, he would have to just wait! With no job, and a dependent family, Paul and Sheri conceived the idea of starting a state-of-the-art professional residential maid service. Their moto would be based on strong work ethics and a desire for creating healthier and happier lifestyles for all. With this as their focus, they pursued the American dream of independent entrepreneurial success. For more than 35 years of providing quality home services to millions of households, Services Alley still maintains their core original values.

“Our Customer and the quality of our healthy home services must always be our #1 priority. We must do all this while providing individual entrepreneurs the key tools in finding success.”

Paul Lewis Kaplan – Chief Executive Officer

Mission statement

Services Alley is set on a mission to change the way people live in Muti-Family Apartment condo and single family dwellings in major metropolitan cities. Here at Services Alley, we believe in focusing on people’s needs while reducing the stress and easing the process involved with acquiring everyday ancillary home services. In today fast ways of doing business, ordering On-Demand ride services such a Uber and Lyft or food delivery such as Grub Hub has never been so easy. We in turn are bringing residential communities a super localized home service Booking platform that is simple and easy to use with qualified home pros working directly within your buildings and neigborhoods.

Services Alley is the #1 chosen On-Demand Booking platform for connecting individuals looking for home cleaning professionals, laundry service, task services, and more with top-quality, pre-screened and dependable service professionals. We offer the convenience with 100% Customer Happiness all under one simple push of a button or just a easy phone call away. From home cleaning to marine yacht services, Services Alley instantly matches hundreds of customers every day with top-rated professionals in cities around the U.S. Book Your First Service Today and simply your life with The #1 Grime Fighters from Services Alley!


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